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around the world. that is at 7 eastern on c- span's america and the courts. this is just about nine minutes. >> a year ago when i took office in the midst of the worst recession since the great depression, i promise you two things. the first was that there would be better days ahead, and the second was that the road to recovery would be long, and sometimes bumpy. that was brought home again yesterday when we learn that in november, our economy sought its first month of job gains in nearly two years. last month, we lost war that we gained. we know that no single month makes a trend, and job losses for the final quarter of 2009 or one-tenth of what they were in the first quarter. until we see the trend of good, sustainable job creation, we will be relentless in our efforts to put america back to work. that task goes deeper than replacing the 7 million jobs that have been lost of the past two years. we need to rebuild our economy so that families can feel some measure of security again. the stories i hear tell me that they have known their own private recession since long before econom
to the glenn beck program. i'm judge andrew napolitano. tonight, glen looks at the takeover of america and more. all week he has been closing the case on arguments he made last year. the first segment of last night's show was interrupted by breaking news out of the white house. we wanted to play it for you in the entirety. the last critical piece of the puzzle, you need to understand what is being done. why it's being done. and how they're doing it. ♪ ♪ >> i want to start with a personal note. hello, america. i don't know if i've ever told you why i believe some of the things that i do or how i began my journey into believing what i do. it's funny the uber left tries to discredit me calling me a conspiracy theorist, because i've always made fun of conspiracy people. sometimes there are conspiracies and sometimes it's plain out in the open and you have to be willing to look at it. conspiracies aren't conspiracies when they're true and open. we have been closing the case this week on all of the things that we talked about last year. because we have to move on. we can't still sit here and say
of cool. i never seen that before! hello, america! tonight we have a special "time to be heard." the idea of this program came when i was speaking to my friend charles payne. he was on my show. when did you tell me the story about the briefcase? >> about a month and a half ago. glenn: he cried like a baby on my show. that's my gig, man! i asked charles to take me to where he grew up in new york. he showed me a neighborhood in harlem where he used to live, the neighborhood where other african-american kids used to beat him up for talking white, or wanting a briefcase because he always wanted to be a businessman or wearing nice clothes. charles shared his story with me and i want to show you a little bit of it. >> this is different than what it was when you were growing up? >> oh absolutely. just trees, grass, some of the beautification stuff they're doing right now. this was an an empty lot for at least a decade, and we used to throw rocks all the time. glenn: you said this is really what it felt like when you lived here trvetion more like this? >> yeah, you had these kinds of buildings, t
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are claiming victory now. and why only you can prove them wrong. >>> from america's news headquarters i'm greg jarrett. a second man accused of being a terrorist will face a judge today in new york city, according to the fbi, a man of queens was planning to use homemade bombs in the attack on new york the first suspect in the case has already pled not guilty. both men linked to the suspected terror plot in september when investigators raided their homes. >> the man behind the security breach at newark liberty airport in new jersey has been identified and arrested. officials say he's a chinese doctoral student haison jiang. investigators say he was seen on this video tape trying to sneak past a checkpoint to say good-bye to his girlfriend after a security guard stepped away. he faces a fine of up to $500. now back to bulls and bears right here on the fox news channel. >>> terrorists say they are striking fear in our economy. the alleged underwear bomber may be declares his innocence in a court but jihadist websites declaring what abdulmutallab did was instill fear in americans. a significant ac
security. what about america's airports? >> what are you doing? >> why our own policies could be slowing done the economy and making us less safe. plus, lawyers to the rescue. >> i got you a good case a moneymaker. >> why lawyers could now be the only roadblock to a version of health care reform that will boost your taxes and maybe bankrupt america. >> all that and another crash for housing worst than the first one. the dire prediction for housing this winter. he says there's a way out and you won't hear it anywhere but on this show. your money, your life, your show. to stay head of the game, cash shin in starts right now. >> the bottom line is the university is government has sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and potentially disrupt the christmas day attack. but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots. >> the president admitting his administration failed to connect the do thes to stop the christmas day bomb plot. now does he need to admit he's not connecting the dots on the best way to create jobs by cutting taxes. welcome to wayne rogers, also joining u
revelation of the identities of murder erred asians. where america stands on food safety. how do we stack up against other countries and how do we prevent the most vulnerable americans from becoming dangerously ill? >> it got worse and worse, and it felt like killer pain. >> glor: and dashboard distractions, will the next generation of in car gadgets lure drivers into taking their eyes off the road? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening, the new year has been a cold year for most americans and this weekend is no exception. a deep-freeze is forecast to engulf virtually all of the continental united states overnight. the south is particularly ill prepared for such bone chilling weather. mark strassmann is in atlanta tonight. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. it was 12 degrees outside here first thing this morning, but with the windchill it felt like one degree above zero, very unsouthern but remember every state but hawaii has been experiencing freezing temperatures, it is just that some people feel it more than othe
. >> sean: the failed terror attack on northwest airlines flight 253 has reminded america that soaring rhetoric and words are not enough to keep this country safe. despite sweeping changes made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system he doesn't necessarily f
, america. kate snow here. bill weir's on assignment. happy to have josh elliott, from our sister station, espn. >> it's great to be here. an honor and a pleasure to be here with all of you. it's saturday, january 9th. >> we have details on the court appearance of the accused christmas day bomber. >>> also, the overnight arrest after the security scare at newark airport. >>> but we also have information you are going to want if you're one of the many people who said they're going on a diet in 2010. >> indeed. a new study showing that low-calorie frozen meals contain 20% more calories than what's claimed on the label. and it's all perfectly legal. the same study also suggesting many popular chain restaurants are missing the mark with their calorie counts. what's a dieter to do? we're going to tell you. >>> and an inspirational story this morning about a champion ice skater. 13-year-old kendall hollinger has come face-to-face with death eight times because of food allergies. it's a problem that's so severe, she has to get her food through a feeding tube. how she has reached her dreams while
has reminded america that soaring rhetoric and words are not enough to keep this country safe. despite sweeping changes made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system he doesn't necessarily find broken. is he taking the right approach or should he be making more definitive
. we'll tell you how to get america back to work tonight. and here's a hint. destimulate. that's right. remove all the high tax, regulatory, and spending obstacles coming out of washington that are stopping business job creation. >>> plus, president obama wants to spend $2.3 billion to stimulate 17,000 green jobs. are you kidding? that's $135,000 her job. ridiculous. let us keep our own money, thank you very much. so we now have nine reasons why the jobs report is real bad news for the democrats come november. you know corporate profits are up strong, so are stocks. nearly a 3% gain for the broad stock market index this week, but washington is making it too lostly to create jobs. that has to be changed. and finally kudlow hotline. we will take your calls. profits are up. jobs are down. washington has to get out of the way. fasten your seatbelts everybody. the kudlow report begins right now. good evening, larry kudlow. we believe pre-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity and tonight we'll talk about how to get america back to work. jobs, jobs, jobs. president obama announced
. it will remain that we take revenge for his death inside and outside america. it is a trust for every person who left everything for the sake of god whom he supported. >> stus spekt appeared in strid oh with a new leader of the pakistani branch. the suspect is sack cuesed of blowing himself up at a cia base in afghanistan on december 30th. >>> you will be slifrg a while longer before warmer air brings relief from the bone-chilling temperatures we're seeing. the deadly winter freeze will keep a tight grip on many parts of the country this weekend. take a look at how treacherous icy roads got in the atlanta area causing many accidents. it is expected to dip in the 20s in the sooet. warnings are posted because windchills could drop as low as 25 below zero. at least nine deaths are blamed on the winter storm. >>> in central nebraska pretty rough. livestock farmers are battling against windchills of 30 below or more. struck to tractors are getting stuck. there is nowhere for the cattle to go. that means farmers must brave the cold to feed them so the animals will survive. >> we've been plowing out th
energy projects and businesses. >> it will help to close the clean energy group between america and other nations. >> tax credits are part of the recovery act and companys chosen say they will create thousands of jobs in clean energy, with solar and wind power. >> building a robust energy sector is how we will create jobs in the future. jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced. >> the announcement comes the same day they revealed employers cut 85,000 jobs last month. far more than expected. >> last month, in the same month, we lost 700,000 jobs. so i believe the recovery act has provided support to, at least, keep us from the total disaster that we could have seen. >> revised numbers for 2009, show a few thousand jobs were actually created in november. the first increase in two years. butt overall, unemployment rate remains at 10 percent. >> this is an indictment of the obama jobs program. one year in, nothing to show for it. we may have been in the hole when we got here, but now he is digging us deeper and deeper and deeper. >> the federal reserve expects unemployment to remain above
, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. we begin tonight with the global economy and news of the key economic barometer, unemployment. in this country, the government said today it held steady at 10% last month as moyers cut 85,000 jobs which was more than expected. the news was disappointing in europe. in the 16 countries that used the euro as their currency, the jobless wrought was also 10%. in this case, for the month of november, up from 9.9% in october. analysts say it could approach 11% by the end of the year. the highest unemployment rate was in latvia. 22.3%. followed by spain at 19.4 on the other side of the spectrum, the lowest unemployment rate was in the netherlands at 3.9%, followed by austria at 5.5%. as the global economy tries to recover, europe is important because five countries, germany, france, the united kingdom, italy and spain are among the world's top ten econ
right in america. america is medicined in the wrong direction. growing government increase intacts more intrusiveness in government has made people angry they want to see change. they want to see the washington politicians voting for this intrusive government thrown out of office. i think it is good. i think washington politicians need to understand there's a lot of focus and energy around what is happening and people aren't going to take it a lot longer. >> greta: do you worry it is more a problem for the democratic party much like in '92 with ross perot and george bush 41 it might hurt the republican party because it shaves off votes in that direction or people won't go to the polls because they want tea party candidates, not the republican party or there will be a third party candidate? >> if there were a third party and a real intent to create a strong third party that would obviously be very damaging to whatever party it drew the most votes from. if it were a tea party, party that would be from conservative republicans. i don't that i is going to happen. i think people recognize we
cain fights now. a battle to save america. save our jobs. john mccain leads the charge to slash government spending, bloated bureaucracies, and ridiculously unaffordable ideas like government-run health care. >> president obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt america. i stand in his way every day. if i get a bruise or two knocking some sense into heads in washington, so be it. i'll keep fighting for jobs and economic growth for arizona as long as i'm in the senate. >> john mccain is arizona's last line of defense. character matters. >> now, that's what he's saying. but here's what i'm hearing. perhaps no battle in our lifetime is more vital than the one john mccain fights now. the battle for his job. he's been rejected by the american elector at twice now. forget them. they're dead to him. arizona is the only place that deserves john mccain. and in this election, it's just john mccain, raw. there's no hockey mom running around saying she could see russia from her house. the original maverick is man enough to admit it. that was a dumb call. and since his party doesn't se
thank you for being here. from new york, good night america. [ applause ] >> julie: welcome i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg gator. a show of force and a hail of bullets. [ gun shots ] >> gregg: that is anti-terror training in the hills of vienna. elite military unit is prepares to open a new front among the al-qaeda forces that live amongst them. we're going to take a close look what america has to do to track down the killers overseas and keep our homeland safe. >> to work with this... and i told them everything. and we arrange together this attack. >> julie: a chilling message of revenge from beyond the grave. the man in the video you just saw, the suspected homicide bomber that killed seven c.i.a. employees on december 30th. he apparently sitting next to the new pakistani taliban leader. it surfaces on an arabic station. he was iranian doctor that was recruited. he was supposed to be a double agent hired to infiltrate the upper levels of al-qaeda. instead he was playing for with the other side. caroline shively has this report. >> reporter: in just released tape
america. >>> make sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ali "the situation" is at "the situation." >> you can logon 24/7 to have yourself a great weekend! >>> next in the "cnn newsroom," newly released video that takes us inside the mind of the man believed to be the suicide bomber who murdered seven cia employees. plus, it's just plain old frigid outside, icy roads and power outages across much of the nation. ♪ >> so what is this all about? creativity in the classroom? teachers find a clever way to reach their students. >>> here in the "cnn newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday, the 9th day of january, i'm fredricka whitfield. >>> a deadly arctic blast is pushing dangerous cold weather across the nation today. it is blamed for nine deaths. places like aberdeen, south dakota and valentine, nebraska are in the negative numbers, minus 33 degrees. one reporter was knocked down while trying to show the sustained winds. >> reporter: the windchill, it is just painful. >> well, you can see the person actually trying to hold her up until she was kn
soul. it will remain that we take revenge for his death for america and outside america. it is a trust on every person who left everything for the sake of god that he supported. >> you heard him refer to a couple of times, the head of the taliban that was killed last summer in an attack. a drone attack. now, we're going to have a live report from our senior international reporter nic robertson on this. and he is a couple minutes away. >>> well, the young man authorities say tried to blow up a northwest airlines plane on christmas day says he is not guilty. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused of trying to blow up a plane in detroit. >> the 23-year-old new york jig faces federal charges. more on the suspect's brief court aappearance. >> arriving at federal court, abdulmutallab walked into the courtroom slowly and with apparent difficulty. the alleged christmas day suicide bomber having suffered second and third-degree lap burns after detonating explosives hidden in his underwear. standing borrow the judge, his feet were shackled, his white t-shirt and khaki pants too big for his thin fr
is the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. yes, we speak car. and apparently, quite well. fusion is now motor trend's 2010 car of the year. get in... and drive one. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> tonight, new photo's have surfaced in the so-called third white house party crasher, carlos allen. it turns out he was seated and also had a meal. cynne simpson has the latest. >> his attorney says his client was an invited guest, not a party casher, and if anyone is to blame, he says it is the white house. carlos palin initially denied -- carlos allen initially denied the incident. >> he was invited to stay, ate dinner, listen to a concert, and enjoyed the evening with all the other guests. >> photos posted online showed he was seated at a table next to the ceo of the state bank of india also at the table, abc's robin roberts. >> if the government's position was he was not on the official guest list, someone at the dinner should have told him that. >> it appears the white house is not clear on who all was in attendance that night. >> we tried to ge
homeowners in the country, not home builders, homeowners. stockholm owners, bank of america and wells fargo because they have all of that reliability from the foreclosures. it will be a fed day. the fed unveils a thing you may not have heard of and not have a clue of what it means, the beige book. that's the color of the book. people underrate the reports that the fed puts out. i scrutinize every single one and go to all of the website of the regional banks. why? they represent the single, best, and most unbias analysis of how the country is doing. many times have i come in here and said something is bias or wrong or too negative. the reason i turned bullish about the industrials as the negativity began to vanish from the pages in the fed beige book starting in the summer. the reports got bullish. so i got bullish. i'll interpret the report ifs you on thursday's show. you won't get a jump on me. thursday and friday these days aren't going to define the following weeks for market performance. the weeks after, okay, we don't have the telestrator. and that's because intel repo s reports -- le
president obama for not saying war on terror, saying this has why america has been attacked under president obama, but not under president bush. >> if you recognize we're at war with terror, a lot of things follow. they're not just mere domestic criminals. we don't close guantanamo. we should be following the right things bush did. one was treat this as a war on terror. we had no domestic attacks under bush. we have under obama. two, sending people to yemen was wrong. not getting this whole intelligence thing correct. >> the president has stepped up, he's taken responsibility, he's calling it a war. are you satisfied? >> online, he now writes -- a giuliani spokesman tells abc he was quote, clearly talking about post 9/11 with regards to islamic terrorist attacks on our soil. abc reporting that giuliani's reference to an attack under president obama was not a reference to farouk mutallab who was arraigned today in new york and pleaded guilty on all six charges, but in reference to major nidal hasan. of course, not counting the underwear bomber, let's giuliani discount the shoe attack, althou
while helping america gain the lead when it comes to clean energy. it's clear why such an effort is so important. building a robust clean energy sector is how we will create the jobs of the future, jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. but it's also how we will reduce our dangerous depends on foreign oil. and it is how we will combat the threat of climate change and leave our children a planet that's safer than the one we inheritted. har netting new forms of energy will be one of the challenges of the 21st century. unfortunately, the nation that pioneered the use of clean energy is being outpaced by nations around the world. it's china that has launched the largest effort to make their economy energy efficient. we have fallen behind countries like germany and japan in producing. wlm all of the battery that we use to power our hybrid vehicles are still manufactured by japanese companies, or in asia. though, because of one of the steps like we're taking today, we're beginning to produce more of these batteries here at home. now, i welcome and am pleased to see a real competition em
a victory. >> i think it's really inspiring to hold america to cook something fresh. our hope is that there will be recipes in there, they'll want to try that. that's our hope. one vegetable at a time we can make a difference. >> so cool to take the cook-off to the white house. if the recipes intrigued you, we posted them at >>> and that's the broadcast for this evening. >>> tomorrow on "good morning america" -- the farms in the deep south, you saw ryan owens there earlier, after tonight's potentially devastating freeze. we'll have much more on it tomorrow morning. i'm david muir. from all of us here at abc news, thank you for watching on a saturday night. have a good evening. good night. (announcer) we speak car. we speak rpms so you can zip by other cars. but we also speak mpgs so you can fly by gas stations. in fact, we speak mpgs so fluently, we can say ford fusion is the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. yes, we speak car. and apparently, quite well. fusion is now motor trend's 2010 car of the year.
and sending people to cause death in america right now. >> yeah, and we've been concerned about him for a number of years. he's an american citizen. he's been in yemen for a number of years and he is a cause of concern. the other thing that bothers me is -- >> i'm worried about american people of islamic background particularly being drawn into jihad. aren't you? >> that's certainly one of the problems that europe confronts. that's what the british have seen. i don't think it's happening on the scale in this country that it happened in the uk. but it's a risk. and we've seen now some examples of that and it's something we've got to be alert to. >> what do we do about it? >> i think -- >> the president saying let's not get into -- you heard him. we're not going to change the country because we have a couple of thousand people out there. what do you think about this? this partisan fight, i have a point of view about it and you have gentlemen certainly have one, too. the president, i mean, the other side, the republican side keeps saying, say terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. pete king
, it is my responsibility. >> president obama taking responsibility this week for america's closest brush with airline terror in years. he suggested no one will be fired at least for now and he ordered a series of reforms including tougher rules for putting people on the no fly list, and more widespread distribution of intelligence reports. the president also renewing his declaration of war on al qaeda and its growing presence in yemen. cnn international security correspondent paula newton is in yemen for us. we'll go to her in a moment. also here in washington are our homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve and former homeland security inspector general clark kent irvin. thanks to all of you for coming in. clark, let me start with you. the president says for now he's not interested in firing people. but you believe people should be fired. >> i do, wolf. it is terrific the president took responsibility and, of course, ultimately he's responsible. that's the politically smart thing to do too. but the president himself can't be fired, certainly. and further, the president himself doe
to the ted taliban leader, the jordanian tells other jihadists it's their duties to go after america hardest. >> this attack will be the first of the operation, against their team, afghanistan and pakistan border. >> washington post reports before the blast the vehicle sped through the check point on base and when he stepped out to be checked by security guards he quickly detonated the bond sending steel pelts ripping through him and more than a dozen people near him. an anonymous former official calls meeting an asset like that a bad trade craft. leon panetta lashed out at critics who say those who lost their lives somehow brought it on themselves. panetta writes in the past year we have a done exceptionally heavy damage to al-qaeda and its associates, that's why the extremists hit back. and the father blames america for turning the wife into a widow and sons into orphans. >> brian: caroline shively, thank you very much. between the fort hood shootings and the christmas bomb incident in detroit washington d.c. has a lot on its mind when it comes to national security. malini wilkes with the
builder, homeowner, stockholm other than, bank of america and wells fargo because they have all that inventory from foreclosures. wednesday won't be a stock day at all. it will be a fed day because the fed unveils the continuing that you probably heard of and not had a clue what it means. it's called the beige book. that's the color of the book. people constantly underrate the reports that the fed puts out. i scrutinize every single one and go to all of the websites of the regional guys. why do i to that? because they represent the single best and most unbiased boots on the ground analysis of how areas in the country are doing. oum times do i tell you something was biased or wrong or too negative. that's not the case with the beige book. the reason i turned bullish about the industrials as the negativity began to vanish from the pages in the fed beige book, starting in the summer. their reports got bullish so i got reports. you can get a jump on me if you look them up when they come out in the afternoon. thursday and friday, they will define the week after. and that's because in
. it will remain that we take revenge for his death in america and outside america. it is a trust on every person and everything for the sake of god, whom he supported. >> reporter: but, of course, this video is going to range a lot more questions than it answers here because it gives a clear indication that jordanian intelligence and the cia thought they really had an influence over dr. al balawi and here he's telling them directly, no, you didn't. >>> well, the young nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a northwest flight over michigan pleads not guilty. security was tight at the plea hearing quled for umar faruk abdulmutallab. cnn debra feyerick is covering this for us live from detroit. deb, how did abdulmutallab appear in court yesterday? >> reporter: it was very interesting. he was very thin, very frail. his clothes that he was wearing just really way too big for him. he walked into the courtroom very slowly, very deliberately and difficulty. remember, the alleged suicide bombers from sef-inflicted second-degree lap burns that he got when he detonated the device on board that plane. he
way, this financial lobby has changed america. what do you mean by that? that goes deeper than campaign contributions and money and even influence in washington. you say they've changed our framework. >> yeah, yeah. it goes a lot deeper. it's what simon johnson the chief... former chief economist for the i.m.f., it's what he calls intellectual capture. and... >> moyers: intellectual capture. >> right. it goes beyond regulatory capture, where, say the banks control the s.e.c. that's one thing. intellectual capture means that essentially the financial industry has convinced us, you know, in the '50s what was good for general motors was good for america. now it's what's good for wall street is good for america. and they've somehow convinced us that we shouldn't ask about what's right or what works or what's good for america. we should ask what's productive, what's efficient, what helps grow the economy. >> this is the stockholm syndrome. where you're hostage starts identifying with the people holding them captive. americans have been, you know, have been talk... said, told over an
and some of the opportunities. we reduced program to america 1995. it is an employee choice model. what does that mean? it means we have for health plans to contract with. each employee can choose from that, one of those for health plans and a whole wide range of benefits from benefit levels from those companies. we have over 5,000 companies over 75,000 members in connecticut that participate. one of the things we talked about so far and one of the things john emphasized and tim is looking at the adverse selection. one of the hallmarks when we first started was we stopped to be to try to standardize the benefits between the four health plans so to avoid adverse selection. as we've come very close to having standardized bens healths starting day one in 1995. as i said, we tried to determine and said the spread out under managed competition choices based on price, network as things involved people make now decisions based on the formularies of the different networks and the satisfaction rates. unfortunately over time we still have an object when we first started of having quality data, pa
from new york, defendingefenng freedom, good night, america. t,, >>> welcome to "red eye."t,t,t,, it is like where the wildt, things are, if you mean wildt,t, things you mean rashes.t,t,t,t,, let's go to andy levey for at,t, preview.t,t,t,t,t,t, >> coming up on the big show,t,, a new vaccine for cocainet,t,t, addiction doesn't keep userst, from president whating thet,t, drug.t,t,t,t,t, we'll try to figure out whatt, the point is.t,t,t, 59% of americans favor racialt,, and ethnic profiling fort,t,t,t, airline security.t,t, and finally, ford unveils at,t, new line of cars that willt,t,t, read your tweets to you.t,t,t, why the warranty is only goodt, for 10 years or 10,000t,t,t,t, characters.t, greg? >> thank you, andy.t,t,t,t, >> i liket, my beats stumper.t,, sometimes i get ridiculous andt, i eat your crackers and ridt,t, closes. >> all i want tt,o do is zoom,t, zoom, zoom and poom, poom.t,t, >> peace and humptynesst,t, forever.t,t,t,t,t, >> let's welcome our gorgeoust,, guest. she puts the fine in finance.t,, i'm here with number coal.t,t,t, -- with nicole.t,t,t, she is s
for his death in america and outside america. there's a curse on every person. >> you hear them making references to baitullah mehsud, the former leader of the taliban in pakistan. he was killed last summer. nic robertson had been talking with malawi, his family, in amman, jordan. nic, hello to you. it leaves a lot of people scratching their heads that the family is not denying it, not necessarily saying he didn't do it. instead, some are actually proud of it. >> reporter: his wife has said she is proud of him. i spoke to his father a little while ago. he said he was very upset. he said he was upset about the people that had done this to his son. he implied people intentionally brainwashed him. but when we asked him, you know, who do you mean here specifically, he seems to be implying that he thinks the intelligence agencies who were trying to run his son as an agent to get inside al qaeda are responsible for what happened. he was asked whether or not what he thought about the fact that people were killed by his son. he said if there were civilians killed then i would be absolutely ang
in the last chapter of the book talks about policy recommendations. >> your first book, invasion, how america still welcomes terrorist, criminals and other foreign ministers. you detail some of the deficiencies. >> no question about it. it wasn't just about illegal immigration. it is hyper focused on the southern border. that is a huge issue but not the only issue when it comes to treating immigration as a natural security concern. the state department was the weak link in the homeland security situation and the episode certainly highlights that. you have a bottom mentality of handing out visas blindly to anyone and everyone who asks. those officials do not have a war footing. they did not have a war footing during the bush did ministration and prior to september 11th. if you're going to hand out a temporary business visa they should have business other than plotting to kill americans on american soil. the christmas bomber, you have a case where even absent the intelligence information that we apparently had in the fall and in august about abdul, absent that specific information about his rad
he had to say about america before he blew himself up in a live report. >> a man who is believed to cause a security breach in a newark airport. caught by police. did he have a dark plan or an honest mistake. that's the story. >> rick is riding with the bulls. he's at the new york invitational. how prop. slog an comes from pat in pennsylvania. i love to watch "fox and friends" with a fair and balanced view. lovely alyson, and clayton and dave, those handsome other two. >> that's what we prefer. >> it is "fox and friends". that was a great slogan. >> it was no bull. >> no bull. >> that was no bull. i am going to say it today and a few more times in the show. look for that. what are you fondling over there. >> that's a question i have long been asked. >> every morning asked that. >> got in from the big consumer show in las vegas. they were handing out. no one gets sleep there. they are handing out five hour energy was there. they rolled out the extra. if you need extra. >> i never have had it. i do the red bull and coffee, are you going to go there? >> i will go there. i will be li
low in orlando, 27 degrees. and, yes, people across the south know other places in america have even lower temperatures. but that is cold comfort. there is a that you coming here at least. temperatures will climb into the low 40s, but not until monday. and that would feel like summer to all those americans now shivering through subzero places. and with more on their weekend weather, let's go to lonnie quinn now in new york. >> thank you very much for that. mark's right, the big story is the cold air. what's going on? see this big blue h right in the middle of the could you be, big high pressure system, it's pulling in all this cold air from canada on the eastern half of that high. so eastern half of the country, that's where the toughest situation is. when is it into to go moderate? i'll tell you what, by this time next week, panhandle of florida take about 30 degrees below average. about 10 degrees above average if you can give it six, seven days. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >>> you stay warm out there. ai erica, over to you. >>> there are new questions abo
. it is paid for by the group keep america safe which counts liz cheney among its board member and reports to take an hour by hour look at the president's response to the bomb attempt in the style of the tv show "24." >> but what already is apparent is that there was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security. >> how long did it take you to realize the system failed? >> john decker is a washington correspondent for reuters. good morning, again. >> good morning again to you, alex. >> how damaging do you think an attack like this is? did the president's actions leave him vulnerable on this issue? >> well, it left him vulnerable among those americans for whom national security, homeland security is a very important issue. certainly with the folks like rudy giuliani who is critical of the president and his reaction to what happened on december 25th, and over the past two week, it tapped into those concerns that he's had. but i think that overall the president is moving forward. he's been in front of the camera six times over the past
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back to the sheikh rockman who's the egyptian radical who's been in jail in america for a long time, springing sheikh rockman from prison is one of al qaeda's underlying rationals for its attacking the united states. if you had osama bin laden in an american jail, you would have americaned kidnapped all around the world repeatedly in an effort to get him sprung from jail. people involved in the hunt for bin laden have told me specifically that as early as 2003, they already gamed this out. there is no capture option with bin laden. >> interesting. commander, do you think we've dropped the ball over the last, you know, many years since the "cole" was attacked in 2000? basically dropped the ball in yem in terms of, in yemen, they say we've been warning about the press end of al qaeda for a long time. the government is not control of their borders, yet alone much of their country. have successive american governments not paid enough attention to yemen? >> i don't think we have. if you look at "cole," it's a classic example of the disconnect you get between administrations and national
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financial industry has convinced us,ou knowin the '50s what was good for general motors w good for america. now it'shat's good for wall street is od for america. and ey've somehow convinced us that we shouldn't k about what's rightr what works or what's good foamerica. we should ask what productive, what'sfficient, what helps grow the economy. >> this is the stockho syndrome. where you're hostage start identifying with the peoe lding them captive. americans haveeen, you know, have been talk... sa, told overnd over again that if the dow's going up, if wl street's makingoney, it's good for you. >> moyers: often when rkers are being id off. that's... >> yh, but other measurements the economy aren't taken to... aren't held in such hi esteem and so, when i was talki to members of congress and pollers about why there was not moreopular, you know, revulsion ainst wall street that was leading to tion in washingtoncongressman brad sherman-- he's a demrat from california. he led, during the wholearp gument, what he called the skepcs caucus. they were kind of posed, but they were just rsing questions
inside pakistan. perhaps more ominously, he threatened more attacks are coming against america both outside and inside the united states. the man sitting beside al balawi in the video is the new leader of the pakistani branch. this is another picture we got from kalil al balawi's family. >>> police in england arrested three men who they say threatened staff aboard a plane bound for dubai. the men were arrested on suspicion of making a bomb threat and are in jail in london. it happened last night as the plane got ready to take off from heathrow airport. all the passengers were taken off the plane while police searched it with bomb-sniffing dogs. they found nothing suspicious. heathrow remained open during the incident. >>> the togo national soccer team has withdrawn from the african cup of nations tournament. the team pulled out of the games this morning in the wake of that devastating attack that killed at least two people when gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying the team to the tournament. it happened on the border between angola and republic of congo. so far there's no claim of r
. there are obviously references to vieam, iraq,american colial period. we have a hiory, and not just america, the freh, spanish, enish, the portugue- invang and taking what we need. we for out indigenous cultures and sometimes wipe them out completely. we don't have truly indigens cultures lef in this world. therre few in the amazon or in thenew inea. some of them are going tinct on a daily basis i sortof extrapolate it even further, thisidea of entitlement. we take wha we need, and we don't ve back. we have the sta giving back. we ha to startggressively expecting -- accepting our responsibility. tavi had to give theroper treatment to the issues that you have laid out? as a filmmaker, i assume you want us tomarinate on some of these things beyond the theater experience. how do you do thawithout being eachy? >> it is a fine lin you have donto put holes spoonfs of sugar inthere, peoe coming out saying tt they cried three times. having this emotional reaction. that is part of it. don't assume that you have to give people infmation. assume th they have got the information already. what we will give you is
in the "newsroom." >>> you could make a short film about robots attacking south america, post it on the internet and post back and sit back while hollywood launches a huge xet tigs for your video services. coming up next on viral rewind. >>> a look at the top stories. a new video shows the man blamed for the deadly attack on a cia outpost sitting next to the head of the pakistani taliban. it was apparently made ten days before the attack and in the video. humam khalil abu mulal al balawi calls on jihad to attack u.s. targets. >>> a man accused of touching off a massive security scare is due in court next week. they say 28-year-old haisong jiang dunked under a security rope and forced officials to shut down the terminal and rescreen thousands of passengers. it delayed flights worldwide. he was arrested and charged with defiant trespass. >>> the nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a northwest airlines plane on christmas day has pleaded not guilty. umar farouk abdulmutallab made his first appearance yesterday in detroit. a grand jury indicted him on six charges, the most serious, attempting t
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